Letter of Appreciation to Humanitarian Actors and Aid Workers in Arakan

Date – 19th August 2020

The Arakan Front Party (AFP) thanks all humanitarian actors and aid workers for their timely and generous responses to armed-conflict-affected population in Rakhine state (Arakan), braving lots of constraints and difficulties. AFP would like to express its sincere appreciation of their efforts, which have resulted in saving of many innocent lives and not letting hundreds of people to starve.

Today, on World Humanitarian Day, once again we would like to remember and pay tribute to late U Pyae Sone Win Maung, a World Health Organization aid worker whose life was lost during a trip of humanitarian work on 19th April 2020. And we would like to give our due respect to him for having been a brave humanitarian warrior.

And the Arakan Front Party’s special thanks go to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for their presence in Arakan and for their aid work dedicated to the people in need. As they are the guardian of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), we would like to request the ICRC to demonstrate a more effective application of IHL in Arakan, which could reduce the loss of innocent civilian’s lives in the conflict zones of Arakan.

The Central Executive Committee
Arakan Front Party (AFP)

Letter of Appreciation to Humanitarian Actors and Aid Workers in Arakan_2020 August 19

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